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    Carpet cleaning services Santa Monica, CA

    Industry Experience

    High quality providers are trained in the
    cleaning & security needs of your
    private or public grounds.

    Customized janitorial services

    Security First

    To respect the security & safety of government buildings, cleaning crews are monitored of their whereabouts at all times.

    iNX Janitorial closely monitors all car dealership cleaning services.

    Customized Cleaning Solutions

    Cleaning government buildings & offices have unique expectations. You need a janitorial service company that customizes the cleaning strategy to your needs.

    Government cleaning contracts Los Angeles

    Be the pillar of your community;
    maintain a pristine appearance with consistent & efficient janitorial.

    Specialized services for Government facilities include:

    • Day porter services
    • Overnight janitorial services
    • Office cleaning
    • Advanced technology for floor cleaning & maintenance
    • Restroom sanitizing & disinfectant programs
    • Trash removal & recycling
    • Provisioning of supplies
    • Common area cleaning
    • Window washing
    • Exterior power washing
    • Parking lot sweeping & more!

    Plus, we’re always pleased to accomodate your custom cleaning requests.

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    The 3 Secrets to Getting The Most From a Commercial Janitorial Provider

    How many times have you thought you had a reliable commercial janitorial service provider, only to wind up replacing them in just 10 months? It’s frustrating trying to find a service that doesn’t create more problems than solutions. We know — we’ve been there. And to save you the trouble, we’re giving up our best secrets so you can put an end to the revolving door of commercial janitorial providers and find reliable, consistent cleaners.

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