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    iNX Janitorial helps you stay on top with school cleaning services.

    Safety First

    Exceed pre-established manufacturing cleaning service standards with dedicated janitorial providers who ensure your manufacturing needs are met.

    Environmentally friendly specialized school cleaning

    Increase Productivity

    Participate in creating a custom cleaning process that supports the productivity of your production plants.

    iNX Janitorial closely monitors all car dealership cleaning services.


    Make your facility sustainable for your employees & for the environment, using green manufacturing cleaning processes & products that help make a positive impact.

    Cleaning services for manufacturing facilities Los Angeles

    Dirt, grime, dust & bacteria hinder daily
    operations, causing decreased productivity.

    Typical manufacturing facility cleaning services include:

    • Debris removal
    • High & low dusting
    • Vacuuming
    • Air duct cleaning
    • Trash removal & recycling
    • Exposed surface sanitation
    • Clean room disinfection
    • Restroom, locker room, & breakroom cleaning
    • Floor cleaning, buffing, waxing & maintenance services
    • Indoor & outdoor power washing
    • Kitchen & lounge area cleaning
    • Office cleaning & more!

    Plus, we’re always pleased to accomodate your custom cleaning requests.

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    The 3 Secrets to Getting The Most From a Commercial Janitorial Provider

    How many times have you thought you had a reliable commercial janitorial service provider, only to wind up replacing them in just 10 months? It’s frustrating trying to find a service that doesn’t create more problems than solutions. We know — we’ve been there. And to save you the trouble, we’re giving up our best secrets so you can put an end to the revolving door of commercial janitorial providers and find reliable, consistent cleaners.

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